Why Breed!!

Why Breed
Why breed.. When so many Staffies are in Need A significant number of Staffies are dead by the age of 15 months. They are being bred in significant numbers to earn money or just lads larking about to see the combination of your dog with my dog. These backstreet breeders had no thought for the needs or even the care for those offspring. We have known Staffie pups swapped for a mobile phone or line of cocaine. We have too many stories to tell, perhaps we best keep quiet but the Staffies are always the innocent parties in all this. One litter equates to seven dogs needing stable and committed homes. To find seven solid, responsible, good calibre homes can be a month’s work for us. We are placing adult dogs who have been abandoned and need so much reassurance. Ask us Rescuers what we think about our ‘caring society’: Our view is rather cynical and definitely anaemic!
The Case for Neutering
To neuter a dog is to ensure they are in the ‘forever pet’ market and it is the single most important thing you and we offer our dogs in protecting their futures. We go to incredible costs to neuter all our dogs and experience has taught us we will neuter whatever their age. Once we had an old lad we neutered and the vet found a slightly enlarged testicle in the nick of time. Another time we let a very old male slip through and he was diagnosed with testicular cancer three months later, we learned our lesson; we always neuter. Many a female we have neutered only for our vets to find they were actually on the brink of death with pyometra which is an infected womb and is difficult to detect until it’s too late. We also insist that our foster and forever homes have neutered their pets. We won’t be party to watching people contributing to the vast problem of too many dogs or the health risks to their dogs of mammary tumours etc. We have too many surplus dogs…spread the word. Our Staffies didn’t ask to be born. Someone, mostly through ignorance, allowed them to be born and many are culled through council pounds without the breeders having any awareness as to where that pup ended up 10 months later. Many rescues fall over themselves to ‘rescue‘ a puppy but ignore the emails when those same dogs knock on their door 10 months later. We do not have surplus money to neuter other than our own but locally there maybe a neutering scheme. We set our dogs up for their homes at great expense in terms of cost and time but guarantee that if they ever by chance end up in the wrong hands they will soon be passed back to us via their microchips as they will not deliver cash..they will only give their heart.