Vets Who Care

Vets Who Care
If the Staffie situation is affecting anyone it’s our veterinary friends.

Healthy Staffies put to sleep: Dismayed owners are presenting their vets with a real dilemma; “I can’t keep it and there is no one there for my Staffie. “He is growling at my children; he nipped/bit my child.” In their minds they justify their decision, what does it matter, we all know this Staffie has nowhere to go. When it comes to a Staffie in front of you there is little scope to argue. “There is no one out there” testified by spending days on the phone, like so many families have already done. So the person’s justification; they have no choice and walk away leaving the vet to put to sleep healthy and often first class Staffies. What does the last label matter or impression left in the vet’s mind?  The truth is it was an impulsive buy, too bouncy for us; we don’t have time; he’s not a cute puppy anymore. Within council pounds it’s a budgetary concern. The decision might be made in conjunction with a vet. “Let’s save one of the six, which one do we save and hold for another two weeks in hope we get a rescue place?” More often the decision is already made “five on the list today”; “Just another Staffie” – a sad look; a slight raise of the eyebrow. In establishments where it is the last resort some tears must be shed…perform a paid duty please. Sickened, the vet carries out this duty in a professional and caring way to make those last moments as pleasant as they can. They know it’s forbidden when putting the needle into a Staffie, never look in those eyes.


Prevention is better than cure

Prevention is better than cure
There is an alternative: Prevention is ultimately the cure. We have seven vet teams that offer us reduced neutering prices to enable us to afford to neuter all our dogs. Some neuter for free if we save a dog from being put to sleep.

Vet teams are aware of the bull breed dilemma and as a caring team agree to:

1:Promote neutering with this breed type in particular. Have the debate with those who can and can’t afford to neuter and promote pre first seasonal neutering. Introduce the idea when Staffie pups are presented for vaccination or adults need care. A reduced voucher for pre-seasonal spay and male neuter at an age acceptable to you.  When a Staffie comes loose from its home they are at grave risk if unneutered of being exploited as a breeding machine. Plant the seed that life would be a whole lot easier if they didn’t have to manage another season and it can so easily prevent associated reproductory illnesses and disease. By the time they get to talk with the rescuers it’s often too late. Explain their male dog can enjoy more freedom ‘off lead’ knowing he isn’t going to find a bitch in season; the Staffie cross in the making.

2: Reduced costs for bull breed and bull breed crosses. We are looking for vets who care and will join our list, we can give a sticker for your window and you can come on our list to neutered bull breeds at reduced cost IT WILL MAKE A HUGE difference! Imagine if every Vet surgery neuter an extra two a month or even two a week.

3: The Ultimate freedom: If you can offer say two free neuterings a month at your discretion know how much that helps the greater picture, either to our Rescue Staffies to help relieve our financial load or to private individuals to serve that dog. Not in prejudice against the breed but in concern and love for the breed.

Click here to complete our questionnaire to let us know if you can offer reduced bull breed neutering costs or defined free neuterings, we would love to hear from you.


Our Current Vet Register

Our Current Vet Register

Our Current Vet Register

At cost to Rescue Remedies:
Richmond Vets, Richmond, Surrey
Twickenham Vet Practice, Twickenham, Middx
Vet4life Teddington, Middx
Anne Nelson, South Croydon
Mark Nelson, Thornton Heath, S London
Amery Vets Bordon, Alton and Farnham
Badgers Oak Vet Clinic, Northiam Rye, E. Sussex

Free quota’d to Rescue Remedies
Sunninghill Vet centre, Ascot, Berks
Total Pet Care, Haslemere, Surrey

Some vets who refuse to put a customer’s healthy Staffie to sleep get them signed over.
They then neuter, vax and chip them holding them a few days for us if we offer them a rescue place