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As a consequence we have been left with no alternative but to close our Forum Platform and Social Media accounts until further notice.

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Our Homing Process:
Families must first apply by submitting our Homing Questionnaire online (friend or family may help you). The Homing Team will then email you (keep checking your junk mail after application), ring or text you but will contact you only if they feel we have suitable dog to match. You would be wise to do a video from the street, through your front door, around your ground floor and then slowly around your garden if you have one. Focus on the weak points noting foxholes or poor repair fencing and measuring heights and upload to YouTube: This will help with any application for a Rescue Dog.

Rescue Remedies Website:
displays all breeds of dogs, we have specialist websites also e.g.Terrierrescue and Staffierescue linked on Rescueremedies. All websites are kept up to date daily. Rescueremediesdogrescue.co.uk takes you to our Live Forum where all our dogs are listed. Each dog’s thread shows the day they came into our Rescue. They may have many pages showing their progress as they are prepared and wait for their right family. The original date maybe years as some are returned to us, and others wait for as long as it takes. We stand by our dogs for life. The Title bar includes name; breed; age if known and whereabouts. Their current status is at the start of their thread, and their front page includes the link to our online homing questionnaire. Individualised questions are only answered via the Homing Team.
On lead:
Over a 5 year period we experienced 10 of our homed dogs die in accidents related to off lead events and our hearts broke: They were dogs we had saved from death row, nurtured and invested our hearts in. We committed then to our On Lead Policy agreeing not to expose our dogs to risk takers. The families we home to are committed to keeping their dogs on a lead for life, as we do. We hear it in their voice and throughout the family. We are looking for responsible rock solid families. We delete homing questionnaires wanting off lead. We will discover if the family are misleading us and actually wanting their dog off-lead and they are asked to apply elsewhere, please do not waste our time or yours. Rescue Remedies is known as an ON LEAD rescue. If you want your next dog off lead in public places then please do not apply. Please be honest with us, as during the vetting process we soon find out if your family members’ real intention is to have off lead. Please respect our volunteers and our Rescue’s policy. Our future families instinctively recognise this as essential. Most of our dogs have not been socialised outside in shared territory. Together we build a safer community.
Our Ethics:
We take death row dogs and give them a golden chance. All our dogs are neutered before homing, unless too young. We help dogs most Rescues screen out on breed, age and conduct. Our dogs often have had tragic pasts. All our dogs receive Rescue backup for life with us and many other Rescue do not provide this should the homing not work out or break down.