Staffie Foster

To foster is to save many lives.

Why are people drawn to foster?  They may have recently lost a pet and want to help but aren’t ready to commit. They may have a period of months without work and want to make a contribution but know when they go back to employment they won’t have the time to offer a dog. They may lack confidence in dog ownership but are happy to have the support we offer and know they would manage for two to three months, they can take stock of whether dog ownership is for them. Others just simply want to help and get a thrill out of helping a homeless dog find its paws and by discovering its strengths and needs play a crucial role in determining that dog’s entry into the homing market.

Why do we need fosterers? By offering one of our dogs a foster place gives them a sense of self-worth; regular structured exercise and human love. Many of them may not have experienced this before. By keeping our dogs safe we are then able to help the next so saving their life. Every dog comes with their own personality. They will teach you so much and yes, they may test boundaries a little, but usually they settle once they understand what is expected of them. It has taken a long time to find Staffie Fosters particularly those that don’t have other pets and are happy to build a Staffies confidence. Fosterers are the back bone of our Rescue work.

When will we not use a foster place? When the family live too far away and aren’t ready and able to do the distance. Where a family have unneutered pets including puppies. We don’t foster alongside other rescues’ foster dogs. If the foster home is very complex cats; kids and small furries we may not immediately have a dog whom we feel could cope. We try to place dogs we know and are ‘easy’ to first time fosterers. We aim not to stress you, we need it to feel a pleasurable experience for you all and our dog. We need all members of the family on board and to stick to house rules like not leaving the front door open, leaving food lying around or supervision around visitors and children. We still need all homing enquiries to come via our homing questionnaire so we do ask our fosterers to direct any interested parties to our websites.

Ideally we need our fosters to be on the Forum and to up date our dogs thread regularly showing and revealing the best about our dog and making sure we know where there are problems. We will hint at issues within write ups but discuss fully with serious enquirers. Ideally transportation means, as very few people are available to travel for you and it means a great deal of potential owners to have their fosterers view on their situation and garden boundaries. Collecting a dog from kennels or their surrendering home will take the weight off our shoulders too. Our fosterers tend to pay for food and we access vet care with discussion as needed. Ideally for the fosterer to do the paperwork on our behalf. We have a full point by point Fosters agreement available.

Do consider fostering its great way to meet the breed and have great fun.