Can You Take An Extra dog In?

We need people to stand forwards for Rescue Remedies dogs. To ‘rescue a puppy from Ireland; ‘to embrace a street dog from Europe’ is to buy into other societies who don’t value dog neutering: The tap remains full on; the bath continue to over flow. Neutering programmes are a far more valuable investment in support, in other words neuter the mother rather than rescue one of her puppies. IF you rescue a dog from abroad always take a bitch out of that system and neuter it here. At home take in an extra dog; supporting a responsible Rescue who have neutered and assessed, saving that dog’s life and taking that dog out of the breeding pool often at great expense.

Staffie Rescue may seem a more expensive option than a free ad dog…asking a set adoption donation but what comes with those golden money

On average 4-5 pound dogs being saved each week

Dogs match to suit family’s needs and life style

Each dog is neutered; eradicated of lungworm (and other worms) and any needs met like dental, flea treatment, eye / ear infections and commencement of vaccination course

Microschip policy: A commitment that we will receive our dog back whenever; whatever but as we never sit with empty kennels, we usually need to ask 2 weeks notice. Dogs are queued up waiting a landing card.
Every dog is microchipped with Rescue Remedies on their chip details behind their owners details. If the authorities fail to contact the noted owner then that dog is returned to Rescue Remedies into safety throughout its life.

Rescue Remedies does not devalue a dog on the basis of Age; Breed or Health. We don’t cherry pick. We are opening up new homes for the dogs who really need homes…we are supporting our street dogs who needed a lifeline. We adore Staffies and bull breeds: We really get terriers and home responsibility. We have a great team who really really care

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